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The Forest Guard [TFG] is one of the pioneering guilds of Guild Wars, and we have been around since 2005. Under the previous leadership of founder Moontrance and current leadership of Galenir, the guild has grown to house some of the fiercest, humblest and friendliest players of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.
TFG has been present in Guild Wars 2 since launch at the Northern Shiverpeaks server, and primarily as a World Vs. World guild, has played huge role in both defending against and bringing hell to its enemies. As a tight knit guild, we look to have fun above everything else. The key to our success is the friendship our members develop over time both in and out of game. With organized events such as lotteries, guild missions, havoc runs, reset night madness, training, WvW nights and others, we keep the spirit of the wolf alive, and make it a great environment to anyone who wishes to become part of our pack.
We look forward to expanding, and we hope to see you in the battlegrounds!

To see what our founder Wulf Moon is up to these days, visit driftweave.com

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