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Dragon Eye Raffle

Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 12:29 pm
by Susie Highlander
The rules are simple, simply mail me your name (account name or name you go by) to be entered for a chance to win one of the dragon eyes I've been working on!

By entering your name in this raffle you are agreeing to give your mailing address or a P.O. Box so if you should win a Dragon Eye so it can be mailed to you. The format for information that I will be looking for is:

Jane Doe
P.O.Box 482
Kalona, BC
S0N 2M0

Joe Doe
585 Westen st
Florida, PA

When you mail me your info it will not go any farther then me and after they are sent out the info will be burned and never used again unless there is another raffle. If so, I will be asking for the info again.

Again DO NOT MAIL ME YOUR INFO YET!!! Mail me in game if you want to be part of the raffle, just put Raffle on the mail and I will add you to the raffle list. Below is the colors that are in this raffle, there are 10 eyes and cross your fingers you get the one you like :) .

How this will work is to avoid people fighting over one color, I will raffle each color to one person. There are 10 colors, so there will be enough for 10 people, so 10 names will be picked to win a Dragon Eye.

Below are Dragon Eyes in the Raffle

EDIT: Edited by Doc for formatting, and clerical errors in wording.